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I have no fashion sense. Maya came over and went through my closet. She purged out those old clothes that no one should be wearing. She also taught me how to coordinate the items in my closet and create many new outfits. I would highly recommend Maya!

I have used Maya over the years for different needs and she never disappoints. Most recently, she helped dress me for a special weekend--with outfits for each day. Maya understood my budget and my style. She knew, better than I did, what would look good on my body type and coloring.


After the first session of the closet purge, reorganize and evaluation, I literally felt a weight if I had just gone through therapy of some sort…

Thank you, thank you to my friend and stylist, Maya Gerson, for making me look fabulous for my work event tonight.. with only a few days notice. I felt like a million bucks!

As an older woman, it was so nice to get help from Maya, who was able to help me purge my 20+ year old clothes and suggest and find stylish, yet age appropriate clothing. I can't wait to work with her again! 


Maya continues to find the best styles to suit my situation, whether it is work events, nights out with friends or just going to my daughters basketball games.

Maya has been styling me for over 10 yrs and I could NOT be happier. Her understanding of what makes someone feel good while being comfortable in their clothing, is something I could never do on my own!


Maya has an incredible sense of style that comes naturally to her. She always looks amazing and her look is effortless. We had a great time cleaning out my closet which was long overdue. At the time I was sad to see some things go but today I can't even remember what they were! She was spot on. She knows what items are relevant and instantly knew what to keep and what to part with. I look forward to the next step! Shopping!! 


It feels amazing to clean out and organize a closet with the help of an expert. It was the best money I have ever spent... AND you feel like you have more outfits because you pull together combinations that I would never have thought of and accessorize them simply and beautifully. 


Maya purged my husband and my closet which was way overdue.  She was wonderful to work with and extremely efficient.  In addition to cleaning out my closet, she has found some key essentials that were needed in my wardrobe.  We highly recommend her services!


Working with Maya was a true pleasure! Her passion for fashion is a true art – I’ve never seen anyone appreciate each strain of fabric on a blouse the way she does.

Maya helped me purge my closet – something I was avoiding for years. I was hesitant to let someone in, but from the moment she arrived I was so relieved. She was patience, thorough and extremely informative. She left me feeling re energized and empowered. I highly recommend working with Maya for any occasion.


Ever have one of those moments when you stare into your closet a few days before a special event and realize that you have absolutely nothing to wear?  I had one last summer and Maya stepped in to the rescue. We assessed my wardrobe and then Maya set out to find me the perfect outfit. And she did! She knew what style looked well on me and understood my comfort zone.  She went shopping without me and brought home several options that fit me perfectly - all of which I loved!  I definitely recommend Personal Styling by Maya! 


Thank you so much Maya! You have helped me realize how much I have changed in these past 7 months. I hadn't been able to see or realize my weight loss until now because of you. Thank you for the confidence and the slammin new outfit  can't wait to show off my new body!


Jackie and I had such an amazing time. It was a huge breakthrough for Jackie and her weight loss journey. I got some awesome new jeans and an awesome sexy top.

Jackie & Laura

Thank you for finding me the perfect dress, Maya! I had so much fun working with you.

Michelle W.

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Maya not only has a keen sense of fashion, but she also makes you feel at ease, listens to your needs and delivers.

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